Fame FM will not ban Vegas for blasting station, staff

June 15, 2016
Mr Vegas


Francois St Juste, general manager of Radio Services of RJR, has shrugged off suggestions that dancehall artiste Mr Vegas be banned from the airways of Fame FM.

"There's nothing the station will do against him or anything. Everything will continue as usual," St Juste told THE STAR yesterday.

His comments came against a whirlwind of criticisms aimed at Vegas who slammed FAME reporter Janice Young over a question she posed to him during an interview on Monday.

During the interview, Young asked Mr Vegas to respond to rumors that he was in a relationship with Gully Bop's ex-girlfriend, Amari.

Mr Vegas not only dismissed the question, but proceeded to bash the reporter and the station.


so disappointed


"It's a sad day in music, it's horrible and it's disgusting. It's sad that you would entertain this and laugh about it ... it is a travesty," Mr Vegas responded.

He continued: "We are wasting airtime and we could have used this airtime to help kids suffering in the ghetto. FAME FM a big station and I'm so disappointed that you would even entertain this drama and this stupidness."

St Juste told THE STAR that he thought that "it was an extreme response" from Mr Vegas.

"He was told before the interview what it was going to be about. ...It is obviously a surprise that he took that position, but he has the right to do so," St Juste told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, Young, who once served as Mr Vegas' publicist, told THE STAR that the artiste insulted her journalistic integrity.

Young's co-worker, DJ Nicco, also took offence to Vegas' response. Writing on Facebook, DJ Nicco said that Vegas should have declined the interview instead of bashing the station and its reporter.


gossip station


Mr Vegas responded to DJ Nicco's post saying that Young asked a 'garbage' question.

"Of course, you would have a problem with me exposing your pathetic friend for bringing this story on air. It is evident that you think FAME is one of the lone radio stations that still support Mr Vegas' music ... you and your friend should have informed me that FAME is now a gossip station so I should be better prepared for the type of nastiness that I needed to address on air. ...This is a new age, brother, your friend got punked! She tried to clown someone who obviously is excelling beyond your imagination and you just can't live with the fact," Mr Vegas said.

St Juste told THE STAR that he was willing to speak with the artiste over the matter.

"I know him well and I'm thinking about calling him. I was just watching to see what would happen next. Maybe he had to get somethings off his chest. But I will speak to him."

Young, on the other hand, stated that any reconciliation would be left up to Mr Vegas.

"He can decide what he wants to do. It's up to him," she said.

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