Church releases danchall rhythm


June 16, 2016
Contributed Bishop McLean

A St Catherine church has released a dancehall rhythm project.

The project, To God Be the Glory, which features gospel artistes, was released by the Worship and Faith International Fellowship (WAFIF) ministry in Old Harbour.

A video medley was also released for the project. It features Bishop and First Lady McLean, Gospel David, Alicia Taylor, Mykal Malachi, Spanner Banner, Mark Radical, Mikey D, Destiny Crew, Evg, Kimona Brown-Lowe and Reverend Goddy Goddy.

So far, the video has been well received in the Christian community, both locally and internationally.

"The reception has been mind-blowing so far; everyday since the release of the video, we have been getting positive feedback. People have been enjoying the songs, enjoying the album. People love the riddim, love the video and melodies. This project is moving from glory to glory," said Malachi, who is also a representative of WAFIF.

The church said using a dancehall rhythm is simply a way to reach out to the secular crowd.

"The expectations are limitless. God is doing something far above that which we can imagine, and we are just allowing Him to take the lead as we humbly follow," said Malachi.

Ariff Butler was the genius who came up with the superb concept for the video, which was shot in Port Royal and shows that Christians can have a fun time.

"Yes we do want people to know that when they come to God, they will still be happy and have fun," Malachi said. "Church is not boring."

Bishop McLean is one of Jamaica's top motivational speakers. He has a powerful life-changing book out now titled Turning Nothing into Something. Kimola Brown-Lowe has her album coming out in November. Malachi is releasing his next single entitled Shine this summer. Alicia Taylor is also working on singles to be released shortly, and Spanner Banner is about to drop his EP.

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