Kurry Stain buzzes with 'Too Blessed' video


June 17, 2016
Kurry Stain

JA Productions recording artiste Kurry Stain is overjoyed at the buzz surrounding the critically acclaimed video for his popular single, 'Too Blessed', on the Zen rhythm for UIM Records.

"The feedback has been incredible so far. Everybody a tell me seh is the best video dem see inna long time because of the concept with the church, and the theme of good versus evil, white doves, black suit, and just the whole settings and look of the video," Kurry Stain said.

The video premiered on CVM's Onstage, and is in rotation on RE, HYPE, Swagg, and Blacker Top 20 video countdown. The song also entered as a new track on the FIWI Choice Top Ten countdown.

Kurry Stain believes Too Blessed has captured the imagination of the public because of its message of hope and growth, despite economic struggles.

"You have to acknowledge the blessings as a people. We go through a lot of challenges in life, but this song seeks to inspire and uplift those who are a little down on their luck," he said.

Earlier this year, Kurry Stain generated a lot of buzz with Bad Mind Inna Dem on the War Bus rhythm. The song, aimed at former label mate Blak Ryno, generated more than 20,000 views on YouTube on various channels.

Last year, Kurry Stain scored his first bonafide hit with Sky Pree on the Life Support rhythm for JA Productions. The song was a regular fixture on the FIWI Choice Top Ten charts for eight weeks, peaking at number three.

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