Yasus Afari drops new single, video


June 21, 2016
Contributed Yasus Afari

Internationally acclaimed dub poet and author Yasus Afari is generating a lot of attention with his latest project, 'Dem Way Deh', which is aimed at social renewal and transformation.

It is an ambitious project, but Yasus is not daunted by the struggle.

"The creative arts have always been a source of inspiration and enlightenment. Reggae music, no different, has consistently been a formidable source of the messages of liberation and empowerment as the message of hope and unity is always in the music," Yasus Afari said.

Dem Way Deh was released globally last Friday through Zojak World Wide, along with a great video. The single itself skilfully combines dub, reggae, and poetry and is produced by Akashic Records and Hands and Hearts Music.

"Dem Way Deh has a positive and impacting message as it aims to redirect the youth to a positive focus and rescue the global inner cities from potential self-destruction," Yasus said.

The music video for Dem Way Deh was filmed at Life Yard on Fleet Street, which is an inner-city space of youth renewal and hope.

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