Chris Martin album on the horizon

June 22, 2016
File Christopher Martin

With work almost done on his much-anticipated debut album for VP Records, Chris Martin is describing the near-finished project expected to be out in October 2016 as a "proper piece of work".

The long-delayed project is expected to feature Martin's latest hit Under The Influence, a collaboration with producer Anju Blaxx on the Mildew rhythm. The song is an international hit, with commercial radio play building in numerous markets, said VP Records.

According to Martin, who kicked off his latest road trip that includes shows and promotional runs last weekend, when the album is finally completed it will offer a whole lot more.

"It's virtually done, about 90 per cent complete," Martin told THE STAR. "We are just switching around a few songs. Big deal business, look forward to it, it's a proper piece of work. I am giving a wonderful body of work that I have worked very hard on."

In addition to Under the Influence and Big Deal, Martin said there is a nice mix of songs for his fans to enjoy. "Staple songs will be on it, songs that people know over the years but not a lot of those songs," he said. "It's not a compilation album. You can go on to iTunes and compile that yourself; we have songs never been heard before so I am looking forward to it."

Martin left for Fort Myers, US, at the end of last week and performed in Washington, DC, at the Grace Jerk Festival on Sunday. A trip to The Bahamas is also on the cards for the end of July.

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