Etana defends natural women

June 22, 2016

Etana has always been vocal about being natural and true to oneself. But now she is even more direct with this message in her new single, ‘The Way I Are/ Natural Woman’.
The single, written primarily by Etana and produced by Beatnick and K-Salaam, speaks to women embracing themselves and knowing who they really are on the inside and not being afraid to show it on the outside. This characteristic is clear in the singer’s own lifestyle and outlook.
“People ask me, why do you wear make-up sometimes and other times you don’t? My answer has always been, ‘If it wasn’t for music and image I would wear nothing at all, except for my clothes!’ But I understand the role of an artiste, and even in presenting myself I still have to do it in my own way to be comfortable,” Etana explained.
The roots reggae singer is already well known for her strong vocal ability and delivering relatable songs that are socially conscious. The Way I Are/ Natural Woman is no different and packs a huge message on a simple track, promoting wholehearted self-love regardless of what society stipulates.
The single is currently being accompanied by an Instagram competition, where fans detail in a one-minute video why they believe women should love themselves the way they are. Prizes for the most liked videos include a Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as Etana albums and memorabilia. Details of the competition can be found on Etana’s Facebook page, OneEtana.

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