Overseas labels make local impact


June 23, 2016
Contributed George O'Gilvie

DJT Promotions and Sunlight Light Productions have joined forces to market and promote the artistes that are signed to their labels in Jamaica.

The two New York-based companies are owned by Jamaicans living in the US - George O'Gilvie (DJT Promotions) and Percy Miller (Sunlight Promotions).

Together, both companies share a diverse roster of reggae and dancehall acts, which includes US-based entertainers Justin Hammin and Mad Boss along with Neutron Obliv, who is based in Jamaica.

"We have some very talented artistes in our camps, and we believe that by merging our resources, we can break them into the Jamaican market and then get them on to the international scene. We plan to do this organically, from the grass-roots level upwards; the old school way. We are not trying to make overnight sensations, we want to create successful acts that will have careers that last for decades. We're thinking long term," said O'Gilvie, who is also a psychotherapist.

DJT and Sunlight Productions recently staged a series of dancehall events to promote their acts locally.

"The events that we did in April were very successful; they were all well attended. Neutron, Mad Boss, and Justin Hammin all delivered good performances. We did three events - two in St Elizabeth and one in Westmoreland. We plan to do more events later this year in other parts of the island. We believe this is one of the best ways to promote our acts locally and create a fan base for them," said Miller.

Mad Boss, Neutron Obliv, and Justin Hammin are currently busy in the studios working on individual projects with various producers.

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