'I am not using her' - Gangoolie denies exploiting girl in voice note


June 24, 2016

• Ganggoolie denies exploiting girl in voice note

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie is adamant he is not using the young woman responsible for the popular '1200, 500' voice note in order to stake his claim to fame.

Social media users believe the entertainer is taking advantage of the young woman, who has identified herself as Slimmatic, labelling Ganggoolie as an opportunist.

The entertainer has been getting an incredible feedback to his latest song, Voice Note (Ochi Embassy), which gives a humorous take on two the hilarious voice notes which emerged on social media last month, one of which features Slimmatic.

Ganggoolie used the controversial voice notes, '1200 and 500', and 'mi no de a Jamaica now, mi de a Ochi', to compose the song. It quickly went viral. The entertainer has been enjoying a surge in his career since.

However, when THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Ganggoolie, he denied claims that he was using Slimmatic, stating that by promoting a song with her as the featured artiste, he is only trying to help her.

"We more a help her than exploit her," he said.

"Mi buss already, innuh, and a tour, so mi couldn't a use her fi buss. Right now mi a think bout how mi can help her uplift herself."

He said the comments circulating on social media, labelling Slimmatic as dunce, are mean and uncalled for.

"Nobody never born bright and dat likkle girl is not a dunce so make people gwaan talk wah dem a talk," he said, explaining that he and Slimmatic have a collaboration in the works.

"If my plans go right, people ago see this girl and realise say everybody can make it.

Mi and her have a collab coming out soon, called 1200, 500, and mi a teach her fi deejay and ting. She have room fi improvement but she have the ability fi reach far if she get the help."

Facebook users blasted the woman after she put up a post last week, promoting Ganggoolie's song, Voice Note. They believe by constantly endorsing her 1200, 500 statement, the young woman is not only embarrassing herself but the entire Jamaica.

"U have no shame bout u a lead .... little fool-fool gyal, the whole world just have u as 1 big poppie show ... SMH," one user commented.

"Mi ignorant fi Yuh ! And the people dem weh insist fi keep on promoting this girl dunceness for their own financial gain need to stop it! This is not funny or cute and it's making Jamaica look bad," another posted.

In her defence, Slimmatic said she understands very well what she's getting into, stating that she will put a positive spin on all the negativity aimed at her. "Big up unuh self, Jamaica. Right now, to the waste people dem, weh a try say mi a dunce, ago see seh mi dun a lead," she said in a recent video posted to Facebook. "Big up Jamaica. Mi love everybody, same way. All who a say mi a dunce, big dem up, same way, cause a so it go."

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