Industry saddened by Delus' death

June 24, 2016
Delus and his brother, Konshens
Delus (left) performs with his brother, Konshens.
File Skatta
Macka Diamond
Dr Donna Hope

Following shocking news that recording artiste Delus was found dead at his home on Wednesday, several persons in the music industry have sent heartfelt messages to the family, while others are still shocked by the revelation.

Billboard-charting producer, Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell, used social media as his medium to speak on the situation. In a message tagged to Delus' younger brother, Konshens, Skatta Burrell said: "I can't imagine how this brother (Konshens) got through the last 10 hours and how he's feeling at this moment."

He continued: Over the weekend, I read your post celebrating Delus' earth strong, and, once again, you acknowledged the love and respect you had for him. I've seen you helped so many. So I'm sure if by any means you could have known what was going on in your brother's head for him to take his own life, you would have done everything humanly possible to eradicate it. My heart goes out to you this morning, and can only ask that you continue to be strong ... not only for yourself, but for your brother's kids"

Saddened by Delus' death, university lecturer and cultural analyst Dr Donna Hope lamented that depression is not an easy burden.

"The entire dancehall fraternity across the world is in mourning and trying to make sense of Delus' apparent suicide. Only some deep personal pain could have driven him to this move. Depression and sadness are very personal and many persons suffer great pain in private - often unwilling to share their pain with others," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"I can speak to this personally, and give thanks to my support systems for keeping me afloat and in Hope during some truly terrible and dark moments. While we await the underlying story, we continue to offer our condolences to Delus' brother, Konshens, and to his children and family. Anything else is unacceptable."

Veteran dancehall artiste Macka Diamond said she is yet to come to terms with the sad news, as she said everything seemed normal based on posts he made to his Instagram page.

"Life is full of mental stress, and my heart goes out to the kids. I wish this went another way and I am so startled. Why? Why? Why? I just can't believe," she said.

His brother, Konshens, also posted a video of their last 'par' together, accompanied by a heartfelt message vowing to make Delus' children his responsibility.

"No know how mi aggo do dis without you dawg. But mi aggo do it cause you love see mi a do it. We can always say you neva affi do dat, but mi prefer seh mi wish you neva affi do dat ... REST and rest easy too," he said.

"I will pick up the pieces one way or another, an' you know who cyaa suffer already. From me have breath she good. Mi know you pree all a dat before you mek your move because you was never a coward an' mi sure you believe inna me to di max."

Recording artiste Darrio, a former Subkonshus Music artiste and close friend of Delus, also expressed that he had spoken to the artiste hours before hearing the sad news.

Delus is known for the single What Tomorrow May Bring.

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