Malikaii.i buzzes with new video


June 24, 2016

Mal B Don Records artiste Malikaii.i is pleased with the public reaction to his Summertime Blast video which premiered on local cable and video channels on the weekend.

"I have been getting some great comments on my Facebook page so far. They love the party vibe of the video, and the feel and look of a Jamaican summer, the video shot!" the singjay said.

The singjay has been generating a major buzz with the song which has been getting rotation on various FM radio stations.

"The song is playing on SunCity Radio, HITZ, ZIP and IRIE, the feedback has been tremendous so far, and I have been doing TV interviews to promote the Summertime Blast song, and these are really going well," the artiste, born Craig Buddan, said.

He has been booked to perform at Big People Tuesdays 'School Uniform Style' party at Skateland, Windward Road on July 19. He is also going to be on select dates of the Artistes Jamaica Island Tour 2016 alongside Bugle, Shuga, Spryng I, and Prophecy.

He has also released the single Moneymaker on a rhythm built by talented beatmaker Jay Crazie.

"The selectors and the disc jockeys really love Moneymaker. I am getting some great feedback from selectors in Aruba, Guyana, and in Trinidad. Disc jocks over there are feeling the song so big things are happening," he said.

He can be contacted through Twitter: @malivybez, and IG: Malikaii.i_malivybez.

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