Noface 'Tank Up' in Western Jamaica


June 24, 2016
Noface Unknown

There is a new power rising in the west and his name is Noface Unknown.

His breakout single, Tank Up, has become a street anthem in the hustling city of Montego Bay and its environs, and the song has become a favourite of taxi-drivers from Trelawny to St James.

"Tank Up is a hustlers' anthem. If yu touch in the streets, yu haffi tank up. When yu get pay month end, yu tank up, and if yu de pon E, yu haffi tank up and look the cheddar. So is a universal song that appeal to everyone who is ambitious and wants something in life," Noface Unknown said.

Earlier this month, the artiste scored his first number-one hit with the single, which soared to the pole position of the FIWI Choice Top 10 charts and held that spot for three straight weeks. The song is getting play in overseas markets from Canada to the USA to the Caribbean.

friend requests

"Everything tank up. Right now, mi Instagram tank up to 14,000 followers, mi Twitter tank up to about 5,000. The feedback crazy, I am getting a lot of calls about shows and Facebook and friend requests every day. Mi pleased how mi career tank up," he said.

He is booked to appear on Little Richie's Big People Tuesdays event, 'School Uniform Style', at Skateland, Windward Road, on July 19.

He is also getting show requests from promoters in Trelawny and Montego Bay. Other singles to watch for include I Am the Chosen and Happy Like This.

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