Tyga samples Mr Vegas' song ...singjay says he was not contacted directly

June 28, 2016
Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas

... Singjay says he was not contacted directly

American rapper Tyga has sampled Mr Vegas' 'Sucky Ducky' single on his new dancehall-inspired song, titled 1 of 1. The rapper, who describes himself as half Jamaican, recently told the media that he is trying to connect with his Jamaican roots.

"It's a record that was inspired by my female

audience. I really wanted to spark something

different. I want to tap into my Jamaican roots, you know. I am

half Jamaican. My grandfather is half Jamaican, born and raised in Kingston. Shout out to the people from Duhaney Park," he said.

The rapper also said he hired Jamaicans as part of his security and production team while in the island.

"They showed love, and we hired a Jamaican crew, so we fed a lot of their people. We were out there all day shooting a video and they were cooking," he said.

Sent email to publisher

When contacted, however, Mr Vegas told THE STAR that he was not contacted by Tyga for the sample. He said his publishers have since been notified to execute the necessary procedure.

"I heard about the sample and the song. I sent an email to my publisher asking if they cleared the sample. No one replied as yet. I made the point recently that reggae and dancehall artistes are sometimes sampled without having a say in the negotiation and many said I was talking foolishness. Sucky Ducky being sampled is one of those cases. I will now wait and see what was negotiated before I comment further on that," he said.

Despite not being made aware of the sample directly by Tyga, Mr Vegas said he is indeed flattered that the young crop of American rappers are tuned to his music.

"I think it is flattering that these international artistes are sampling dancehall artistes, including myself. I don't think in the long run we will be rejoicing. American radio is already over penetrated with non-dancehall artistes, doing dancehall or dancehall influenced songs. The window has become so much smaller for us now, and I think will only get smaller," he told THE STAR.

"I am feeling the effect right now with trying to work my single, Identify My Love, on radio. Radio is already saying they are already playing enough dancehall or whatever they call it now. My album This Is Dancehall will be dropping soon and I intend to do what Tyrese did if I don't get the support, locally and abroad," he said.

R&B singer Tyrese recently lashed out against the US commercial media for giving less attention to black R&B artistes, while glamorising Caucasian artistes who do the same music, namely Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

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