BEENIE MAN UNDER FIRE ... Cayman business woman claims no-show has damaged her reputation


June 29, 2016
Beenie Man
Ian Allen/Photographer Ann Marie Logan, Entertainment promoter.
Ian Allen/Photographer Ann Marie Logan, Entertainment promoter.

... Cayman businesswoman claims no-show has damaged her reputation

Ann Marie Logan, a Grand Cayman businesswoman, is claiming that Beenie Man's no-show for an event in Cayman last Friday has resulted in massive financial losses.

"We spent CI$25,000 (approximately J$3.8 million) to keep the show in Grand Cayman and it was not held. I need the money back," Logan told THE STAR yesterday.

"I hold no grudge and don't have any vendetta. I just want to recover my money," she said.

But Beenie Man's manager, Rohan 'Blue' Smith, said Beenie Man was unavoidably absent. He said that Beenie Man wanted to do the show but members of his Zagazow band were unable to secure work permits to travel for the show.

Smith said that even though Beenie Man agreed later to work on tracks, his engineer Mario Campbell was unable to secure a work permit in time for the show.

It meant that the King of the Dancehall would remain grounded in Jamaica.

"She (Logan) wanted us to just come and send the artiste only, but that would be unprofessional. We could not do that," Smith explained.

Logan, who arranged the event through Champion Promotion in the Cayman Islands, is convinced that Smith is to be blamed for the mishap.

"I have contacted my lawyer and it will be dealt with as soon as possible. My reputation as a businesswoman and also Champion Promotion was damaged. The fans were ready for the show. The venue could hold 10,000 persons, but we were looking at a turnout of about 6,000 fans for the event," Logan said.

The businesswoman said that while no money was passed to Beenie Man to secure his presence at the show, the relationship she had with the artiste paved the way for the agreement.

"The agreement was that Champion and Beenie Man would do a show that was been promoted since February. We have been in dialogue with Blue to get the required work permits. We had to get police records for the individuals. However, only Beenie Man's permit was granted. We run behind Blue to get his as well as the band (Zagazow) permit. However, they were not forthcoming," Logan said.

"Beenie Man was on tour and came back about a week before the show. I eventually made contact with Blue a week before the show, and he promised to get the necessary police record in order to obtain the other permits.

"The artiste was booked to depart for Cayman the day before, but he could not make it and we rebooked a flight for the morning of the show. However, I was at the airport from 5 a.m. and he did not show. I even arranged for another booking for 5 p.m.," she continued.

Smith, meanwhile, said he has made contact with Champion to express Beenie Man's regret.

"We have made arrangement to be there next month. We apologise to the ticket holders," he said.

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