Barrington Levy ready to rock Sumfest


June 30, 2016
File Barrington Levy

International reggae superstar Barrington Levy is one of the main headliners for 'Reggae Night' of The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth, Reggae Sumfest, on Saturday, July 23, at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex, Montego Bay, St James.

Barrington Levy is loved worldwide for his authentic sound and ability to diversify his delivery across genres. Having copped a Grammy nomination this year for his latest album, Acousticalevy, which features some of his greatest hits over the years in an acoustic format, the Broadway singer returns to the Reggae Sumfest stage after a three-year hiatus.

"God bless my fans. On the night of the show, you will see what happens. I am asking the fans to come with the good vibes, the happy vibes. Walk with your tape and leave your machete. Walk with your queen and leave your machine. Keep it clean, seen," Barrington Levy said.

Fans can expect a skillful delivery of a catalogue riddled with favourites such as Prison Oval Rock, Black Roses, Under Me Sensie and Rosie delivering in his signature, riveting style.

Three years ago, Barrington Levy stole the show as he had almost everyone in a sing-a-along at Sumfest International night as he delivered an energy-filled set lasting approximately an hour which grabbed headlines all over the world.

This year, he will once again be backed by his California-based band, Detour Posse. "I am looking forward to seeing my fans in Montego Bay at Sumfest, I am feeling so blessed to be alive," the artiste said.

The artiste has been working closely with the brilliant Handel Tucker on a new album which will be released in 2017. He will also be releasing a new single called GSOAT.

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