Dimon Treajah the new Portmore general


July 01, 2016
Dimon Treajah

Dancehall artiste Dimon Treajah has solidified a decent underground following in the Sunshine City of Portmore, especially in his home town, Naggo Head, with attention generated by his breakout song, Work Hard.

"Everywhere mi go, people know the song. Inna the dance, the people ah sing it, mi go shop, fi buy phonecard, and mi hear little kids singing it. It ah play a Guyana, Barbados, Canada, US, and Trinidad," he said.

Dimon Treajah has amped up promotion in the streets and plans are well advanced to shoot a video in July.

"The song ah play inna the reality segment over Sidechick Tuesdays and Sexy Tuesdays. Big up DJ Snipa, DJ Gallis and DJ Fire Reds, who ah play Shella Mondays, Big Daddy Mondays, and LOL Tuesdays. Dem a kick it weh wicked inna the streets. Big respect to DJ Bumpy Cash and Six Killa, ah govern it in the streets over Portmore," he said.

Dimon Treajah is also promoting Sexual Feeling, produced by top-flight producer DJ Frass.

"That song shell down most of the dances now. The girls dem a gravitate to it. Crazy things ah gwaan pon mi Instagram, cause we ah do road every night. The gal dem a request the song now," he said.

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