Keznamdi to release Lost Love


July 01, 2016

After a long period in the studio, the wait is over as Keznamdi is releasing 'Lost Love' this week - the first single from his upcoming full-length project.

Heavy, emotional vocals are contrasted by vintage guitar riffs on Lost Love, which presents the perfect blend of nostalgic sounds with progressive new styling.

Inspired by life experiences, the track narrates the familiar story of a relationship gone bad and the journey of moving on with one's life by 'picking up the pieces.'

"I'm really excited about this single. I love how we were able to fuse the vintage feel with modern sounds," said Keznamdi.

"I think Lost Love is one of those songs most people can relate to as almost everyone has been through relationship problems and break-ups in life. It also has a great groove to it, so we anticipate a good reception," he added.

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