King Jazzy collabs with Ding Dong


July 01, 2016
Contributed King Jazzy

Singer and songwriter King Jazzy has teamed with dancehall artiste Ding Dong for the single Ride In.

The track was produced by Electric Sticky Production. It is featured on the 'Teacher Love' rhythm.

"My linky, Foota Hype, made the link with Ding Dong. I was in town and we were hanging out before his regular Wednesday night event with our friend Biggs.

"I was running some song ideas by him and he suggested the collaboration. The next evening we recorded Ride In at Gargamel studio," said King Jazzy.

A video for the single was produced by Star58 Films, edited by King Jazzy and shot by Keith and Devon Morris for DOM Media.

Born in Spanish Harlem, New York, King Jazzy relocated to Jamaica at the age of seven. His family settled in St Mary. He spends his time between Jamaica and Detroit, Michigan.

"My mother always listened to reggae classics even in America. But growing up and attending school in Jamaica is what put me into dancehall culture.

"My stepfather owned and operated a sound system and was an area-party promoter. I like all music, and hip hop culture definitely raised me.

"Living in cities like Miami and New York, dancehall-reggae was always present. I give all respect to the late great Lincoln Sugar Minott, who was the first person to put me on tour," he said.

One of his tracks, Plain Clothes, got some rotation locally a few years ago.

"I had a song called Plain Clothes, a self-produced one-drop that was getting lots of airplay a few years back.

"Life gets in the way of our dreams sometimes. It's hard work making success happen in today's music industry.

"Big up my publicist Sophia McKay, Ron Muschette, and all those who are true friends and believe in the work."

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