'He is not worth my time' - Laden ignores Noface Unknown

July 04, 2016
Contributed Laden
Noface Unknown

Dancehall artiste Laden says he will not be responding to up-and-coming entertainer Noface Unknown, who claims the artiste has tried to steal his style of delivery. According to Laden, there is no need for an eight-year professional to compete with a gimmick.

Noface Unknown, who is the latest artiste to use shock value for commercial attention, said Laden is not on his level.

"Some bwoy deh try sing like Noface. Dem fi know seh a one Noface Unknown. Laden a try sound like mi. Mi a di real thing, youth. None a unno nuh bad like mi. Unno a go around and a knock over my rhythm and a try run in. A wah unno feel like? Yu think mi thing normal? Unno fi know, talk to unno boss enuh. Laden, yuh can't sound like mi, yuh can't bad like mi. A chemistry mi ting deh ... . Mi done talk. No bwoy nuh bad like me. Suh if a war unno a try bring, dweet nuh and see a who a come pan di top," he said.

Laden told The STAR that he is not aware of Noface having a style to steal. "I don't know any style from him. I recorded a song name Sky Level months ago for Notnice and he recently released it, so I decided to speak on the issue this person claims to have. I am not going to concentrate on this because I am not that type of artiste to dwell on negative vibes. He is not worth my time," Laden said.

The Bigship Records-signed artiste has had a recent resurgence with the single Time Is Now, produced by Di Genius. He is also promoting Star Level, Rich Forever featuring Axygen, and Snap Chat Whine.

Noface Unknown is promoting a single titled Tank Up.

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