Splicerr returns with hot tracks


July 06, 2016
Contributed Splicerr

Reggae GAPPS recording artiste, Oral 'Splicerr' Williams, has been making songs for almost two decades. Dancehall fans will remember his minor chart hit, 'Montell', a 1996 response to then popular 'Skettel', on Steelie and Cleevie's Gigi rhythm.

Now, he has been getting a buzz stateside with the blues-flavoured reggae hybrid tracks, the explicit Need To Get Laid and Need To Get Paid, songs he also produced. Those songs, released in June, will be leading out his upcoming EP, Mid Life Crysalis.

"The response (to the songs) has been phenomenal so far. They have been picked up by several Internet radio stations," he said.

In 1994, the versatile Splicerr got his first taste of commercial success when he recorded You Can't Test My Sound, a collaboration with Dawn Penn which climbed to number 25 on the reggae chart in the UK. In 1996, he got a buzz with Montell.

He later did a number of tours and stage shows where he performed alongside icons of reggae such as Freddie McGregor and Sanchez.

Over the years, he has honed his music production skills and widened his artistic repertoire to include graphic designing, videography and web development. He tweaked his name, adding an 'r', to Splicerr, an acronym meaning: Solid Positive Life Interesting Candid Educating Relentless and Real.

He re-emerged on the music scene in a big way in 2006 when he produced Luciano's Only Jah Jah, which peaked at number 7 on the New York reggae chart, for his Oz1 (pronounced 'as one') Entertainment record label.

"Now, I am recording and producing music that can teach and inspire and that is relevant to a global audience," Splicerr said.

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