Ajusdivbyzmusic drops new rhythm


July 08, 2016
Contributed Carey Akustiks

Fresh Rymes the operator of the Seaview Gardens-based Ajusdivybzmusic, is in a celebratory mood after the recent release of a new project called the Less Fortunate rhythm.

"It is something that listeners can relate to and understand, it's an uplifting vibe, something positive for the masses, Fresh Rymes said of the project. "I am pleased with this, the engineer Gahlexi, has put out a good production on the market."

With a number of producers opting to go after established artistes, Fresh Rymes made the bold step to invest in two young acts. "We are currently working with two young artists they go by the name of Carey Akustiks and Tyeka Hayles. We are definitely expecting great things from these two artistes," he said.

Rymes said that Carey Akustiks song on the project, No One Knows, forces people to take a step back and listen. Tyeka Hayles gets emotional on her track, Being Through The Worse.

Rymes said even thought the production house 'turned' up their operations over a year ago, they have been in the music business for some time now, and have worked with the artistes such as Dexta Dapps, Blackman, Delus, Voicemail, Khago and others.

"We are optimistic that overtime the likes of Chronixx, Bounty Killer, Sean Paul, Junior Gong, Bugle, Shaggy, Beyonce, Drake and Rihanna, just to name a few, will want to work with us," he said.

For now they will focus on giving the local music industry quality work and try be a major player in the reggae/dancehall scene.

You can find Ajusdivbyzmusic on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram.

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