Demarco Buzzes with 'Remix'


July 08, 2016
File Demarco

Dancehall superstar Demarco is getting a huge buzz on a single called Remix, produced by top flight producer Ainsley 'Notnice' Morris on the 'Ova Dweet' rhythm.

Released a month ago, the single has been racking up incredible numbers on YouTube, and Demarco's team have shot a video for the project that will be released this weekend.

"The feedback on the single has been incredible, Boom Boom ah work with it, Team Shella, Swatch International, CD Fantasy, Ruxie and Cardo, in the dance the girls and the dancers ah work with it ... the streets say ah one of the hottest songs dem fi the summer," Demarco said.

The song is also bombing FM radio into submission as personalities such as ZJ Liquid, DJ Wizzzle, Sunshine, Roderick Howell and several other disc jocks have endorsed the track.

"Right now, when the video drop, it ah go get crazy because the party vibes tun up, the LOL dancers dem mek a mad cameo inna it. The ting well wild," Demarco said.

The deejay has been the mainstay of a series of Gas Pro road show where the corporate entity is celebrating its 10th anniversary with shows in Montego Bay and Trelawny this weekend.

The deejay is in heavy demand internationally. He had previously performed at shows in March and April in Tortola, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama and St Maarten. Next week, he heads to Baltimore in the US for a show.

Demarco is also getting rave reviews for his mixtape called Levels To This, mixed by Heavy of Chromatic sound.

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