Natel scores in Europe with 'Addicted'


July 08, 2016

Reggae singer Natel is moving up in his career.

The talented entertainer is riding high on the Ultra Top Dance Charts in Belgium with a song, Addict by Jay Psar featuring Natel and Liam Summers.

The song , which was produced by Jay Psar for his BSSMNT imprint and released in June, is in the number four spot on the charts.

"Addict is blowing up in Belgium. It's a good look for my career. I have to thank my international agent Alexis Anciria and Jay Psar and Liam Summers for making this project possible," said Natel.

"I think the success of this song will help to boost my international profile tremendously. I'm sure it will also lead to more opportunities for me to collaborate with other international artistes."

Natel is also doing well on the home front with a single titled Pray fi Wi Enemies. The song, which was produced by Natel, is also enjoying high rotation on several top local radio stations.

"Last year was great. I enjoyed a lot of success with songs like Only for You and Someone To Love, which was done with Vegas. This year is shaping up to be even greater with Pray fi Wi Enemies doing well at home, while Addict is blowing up in Europe," said Natel.

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