Safaree 'bless up' Ja in new mixtape

July 08, 2016

Jamaican born American rapper Safaree has released a mixtape paying homage to the island. The mixtape is titled Real Yard Vibes and according to the rapper he wants to show Americans the real essence of dancehall and reggae music.

"I am not going to do a bunch of mainstream and watered down stuff that these people are calling Tropical House which is really dancehall and reggae. I am making real gritty dancehall and reggae music and I am putting my touch on it to give it that real yard vibes," he said.

The rapper highlighted that his mixtape will be unique since he is the only American rapper aside from Busta Rhymes, who can comfortably code switch between patios, English, dancehall and rapping. The mix-tape also features dancehall acts.

my goal

"I have reached out to some real dancehall vets like Bounty Killer, Chico, Alozade and Ward 21 and my goal is to put that on the forefront. I am going to let people hear the names that I grew up on and I want them to have the same respect which I have for these names. They are going to see what our sound is, whether they can understand it or not," he said.

The artiste told The WEEKEND STAR that he is not trying to collaborate with other hip hop artistes because dancehall artiste brings a different level to his music. "When I get where I want to get am gonna have the whole world talking about people who we grew up listening to. It's my goal to bring a brighter light to our people and let the world see the amazing calibre of artistes that we have," he said.

The former boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, disclosed that fans of his music have expressed that the mixtape has a lot of potential. "They think this is my lane because nobody can do this. Its my culture, my roots and my heritage and I am just incorporating it in my music. Even when I was helping to write for Nicki Minaj I was always thinking about dancehall reggae inspirations, so that has always been with me," he said.

The mixtape can be downloaded on and spinrilla. Download links will also be available on his Instagram @iamsafaree. "I am spitting dancehall lyrics on some hip hop tracks as well some am just combining both worlds and make something unique," he said.

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