July 09, 2016
Contributed From left, Nasha Douglas of Red Stripe, Alicia Bogues, brand manager CB Chicken and Bad Dawg Sausages and Elizabeth Swaby brand manager, Pepsi share lens space.
Contributed Comedian Dufton Shepherd prepares to bite into a sample of CB Jerk Chicken
Contributed Media personality and host of the launch, Terri Karelle Reid and comedian Pretty Boy Floyd hanging out
Contributed Suckling CB Jerk Chicken being prepared at the launch
@Normal:Richard Pandohie, CEO Seprod Group, samples CB Jerk Chicken.
Contributed Stephen Sykes, Director of Operations, National Baking Company, making his presentation at the launch

PAN 2016, formerly known as the CB Pan Chicken Championship, was launched in fine style on Wednesday on the terrace at the bustling Half-Way Tree Transport Centre.

Guided by former Miss Jamaica World and media personality Terri Karelle Reid, who entertained guests with giveaways from various sponsors, the launch saw in attendance entertainment personalities, sponsors, well-wishers, and members of the media.

The occasion was used to highlight the new activities in store for PAN 2016. The first regional event is scheduled for Saturday, August 27, in St Elizabeth, Jamaica's 'bread basket'. Competitors from the parishes of St Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon, St James, Westmoreland, and Hanover will battle in their quest to advance to the grand final.

On Saturday, September 24, Regional 2 takes place in Portland, known as the 'home and birthplace of jerk'. Competitors will represent the parishes of Portland, St Thomas, St Mary, St Catherine, Kingston, St Andrew, St Ann, and Trelawny.

"PAN 2016 is off to a great start. We are venturing into new territory. Our first stop is St Elizabeth. Then we head over to Portland. We wrap up with the Grand Final on Sunday, October 30, in the heart of Kingston, at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre", said Alicia Bogues, brand manager, CB Foods.

Unveiling the transport centre as the new venue for the PAN 2016 Final means that the massive event is being moved from downtown Kingston to the busy heart of the capital.

Building on this, Bogues added: "We are expecting our biggest series ever and are ready to deliver another fantastic series. We welcome our returning partners and are pleased to introduce our new partners. In fact, we have the largest team on board ever. PAN has really become more than CB had ever dreamed, and we're unbelievably humbled and proud that so many share our vision."

This year, the competition's locations may seem different to those who normally attend, but Bogues explained CB's decision to take the PAN experience to other parishes across the island.

"With the goal of generating increased economic activity and bolstering small businesses and entrepreneurship, we are venturing into new communities so they, too, can benefit. Over the years, we have witnessed the impact of PAN on the communities we visit, so it's only right that more Jamaicans have an opportunity to enjoy the PAN experience," Bogues explained.

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