DJ Sultan, Elephant Man collabs

July 12, 2016
Contributed Elephant Man
Contributed DJ Sultan

Overseas-based DJ-songwriter and producer DJ Sultan has collaborated with dancehall artiste Elephant Man for a new project.

The producer, who dabbles in several genres, believes music is now a universal language notwithstanding the genre.

"The walls have come down; the barriers are broken. There is no longer a distinction in genre. Music has officially transcended any preconceptions and all audiences can come together and feel the energy of the song that drives people to move and dance. The lines between artiste, producer, and DJ have also been erased. That means the artistry of writing songs and melodies and the technical abilities of production to bring those melodies to life, combined with the energy and connection with the audience that the DJ has, all come together to create a new experience," DJ Sultan said.

The single featuring Elephant Man sees DJ Sultan merging pop, electronic, reggae, and other Caribbean sounds to create a unique instrumental. The song, titled Hip Sings, is one of the first international efforts recorded by the former Bad Boy Records-signed deejay since receiving his United States visa this year.

"I wanted to make sure the energy is constant and driving forward. Once I had the music doing that, I knew I needed a vocalist who could provide the same level of enthusiasm,and who better to do that than the Energy God himself - Elephant Man. During the recording process, the studio was literally thumping. DJ Norie of Power 105 said to me, 'You almost got as much energy as Ele', and I responded, 'You mean he almost has as much energy as me'," DJ Sultan said.

A seemingly excited Elephant Man said the collaboration seems hit-worthy. "They said they wanted the Energy God because Jook Gyal was the number-one song in their world. They sent the rhythm to me then they flew to Jamaica and we worked on it," he said.

The mixing process was executed in Chicago by Engineer Eric Yoder. Hip Sings is available on all major online digital stores.

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