Pondemik Jamaica pays homage


July 14, 2016
Contributed Pondemik Jamaica

Armed with a plethora of lyrics and an abundance of talent is the unstoppable duo Pondemik Jamaica.

The pair, Jazii and Carey, has teamed up to revolutionise the business by fusing reggae, dancehall, and EDM to create a unique sound that reflects the Jamaican culture.

I Am From Jamaica, featuring Trevi Q, is the latest project from Pondemik Jamaica. It is a fun reflection of what it is like to be a Jamaican, while highlighting some elements of the culture. The song, a crossover between EDM and dancehall, was created to promote patriotism among Jamaicans at home and abroad.

I Am From Jamaica was released earlier this year and is produced by Pondemik Records. It is being made available via VPAL.

"Pondemik is derived from pandemic and represents our dream of making music that spreads uncontrollably through the world like a virus. Adding the word Jamaica, marks our plan to ensure the music reflects the Jamaican culture at all times," said Carey.

With the preceding effort, Want Love, featuring Kosha, is doing extremely well, Pondemik is hopeful that this song will also be well received.

"Really, we are just hoping for the best. We had moderate success for the song Want Love and we hope for the best," said Jazzi.

Plans are already on the way for an accompanying video for I Am From Jamaica, which is slated to be released by the first week of August. They are currently busy in the studio working on their next release which will be in September.

"This will be a reality song that is expected to appeal to the wider dancehall market. We are also working on numerous other projects including a reggae song with a European producer," added Jazzi.

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