Bogdanovich ducks Ishawna questions


July 15, 2016
Joe Bogdanovich
Ninja Man
Foota Hype

Downsound Records boss Joe Bogdanovich has refused to be questioned about the departure of Ishawna from his label, opting instead to use expletives as his way out of a conversation.

"You are still talking dude, you are still fu@#ing talking?," Bogdanovich said last night as THE WEEKEND STAR called to follow up on earlier efforts to get a response on the matter.

There is uncertainty surrounding whether Ishawna will take the stage on dancehall night at this year's Reggae Sumfest as planned.

This after news emerged that the Restraining Order singer has cut all ties with Downsound Records.

Bogdanovich is the CEO of Downsound Records. He is also a key principal in Reggae Sumfest.

When contacted via telephone yesterday, Bogdanovich, without even waiting for a question to be posed to him, said he was not prepared to speak.

"I can't talk now, I am on an overseas call, I am trying to produce a concert," he said.

Asked when would be a good time to call back, Bogdanovich responded: "Call me after Sumfest. I am just really busy. I am going to issue some statements. I am trying to do a revolutionary explosion here for Reggae Sumfest and Brand Jamaica. I am trying to do something to get people to come to this country. That is what I am interested in. I am not interested in any nonsense," Bogdanovich said.

He did not indicate what he considered to be "nonsense" but got hot under the collar when THE WEEKEND STAR attempted to respond to his lengthy statement.

Reggae Sumfest, a one-of-a-kind reggae festival of which THE WEEKEND STAR is a sponsor, is set to run from July 17-23 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in Montego Bay.

Ishawna is scheduled to perform at the highly anticipated dancehall night set for July 22. She is one of only three females on the line-up for that night.

Sources close to the entertainer have revealed that the singer opted out of her contract with DSR earlier this week.

Bogdanovich, who was contacted earlier in the day, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was unable to comment on the issue as he was involved in meetings. He, however, promised to speak on the matter following his meetings. A late evening call to his cellphone resulted in him unleashing his fury.

Calls to Ishawna's phone yesterday went unanswered.

News of Ishawna's departure comes as a shock to the entertainment fraternity as the entertainer is often referred to as the label's leading lady. DSR has, in recent years, lost a few of its artistes.

Veteran dancehall artiste Ninja Man as well as Specialist left the label in 2015 while Ishawna's ex-boyfriend, Foota Hype left in 2014.

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