Justice cries foul after King Addies clash

July 15, 2016
Contributed Juvenile from Justice sound
Contributed King Addies crew of (from left) A-One, King Pin, Killer B and Swuggy Don

Juvenile, a Florida-based sound system owner and selector, is fuming after organisers failed to declare a winner in a recent clash between his Justice sound system and the veteran New York-based King Addies.

Juvenile, known for his hardcore reggae and dancehall YouTube mixes, believes he was cheated out of a victory.

"This event was like David vs Goliath," said Juvenile, born Marvin Halsall. "A lot of people came to see if Justice could slay the mighty King Addies, and I gave them a big surprise. I played the best selections right throughout the night, and I outscored them in the dub-for-dub rounds. I dropped serious bombs on them during those rounds."

"When Addies realised they were in trouble, that was when the tricks came into play. At one point we were tied at four all in the dub-for-dub segment and the police came to lock off the event," he continued.

"After we pleaded with them, they gave us a little more time, and when I was playing my last selection, a member of Addies management team came on stage. From that point, it was nothing but confusion and the dance ended without the declaration of a winner, but everyone who attended the clash knows that Justice prevailed, and I was victorious," said the selector.

A-One, a selector on King Addies, said Juvenile was simply trying to get some publicity.

"If you go on the Internet you will see who win. He is trying to use the brand to get highlight. It's like you have a little Honda Civic and you crash into a Benz and you are trying to sue the Benz. That information he gave you is very incorrect and social media will reveal this if you check it out," A-One said. "He is just being entertaining right now and the people are laughing at him. He lost the clash! It was supposed to be four rounds in his home town and he tried to make the police lock it off early because he was losing.

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