Tiney Winey stars in Woman Tongue


July 15, 2016
Karen 'Tiney Winey' Harriott

It is not often that two of Jamaica's most popular and loved TV stars are able to be seen in the same stage production.

But lovers of good plays will get a treat this weekend when Karen 'Tiney Winey" Harriott and Bertina 'Stacey Bennett' Macaulay get together for the hit play Woman Tongue, which runs for five shows only at the Philip Sherlock Theatre, UWI.

Both Harriott and Macaulay came to local fame as cast members of Jamaica's longest running soaps Royal Palm Estate and the Blackburns. Also, featured in Woman Tongue is Barbara McCalla who played Donna Robinson on Royal Palm Estate as well.

Woman Tongue is a play that deals with "big ooman tings" but does not hate on men and looks at sex, marriage, how big people deal with the death of their partners. In Woman Tongue, Harriott re-visits her Tiney Winey days as one her roles is that of a prostitute and Macaulay put away her Stacey Bennett QC to take on the role of a cougar and a woman who gives her husband a 'jacket'.

McCalla plays a "nice church lady" who may be interested in a nice church brother. Also in the play are actors Carol Lawes who play Agnes, a dead woman who is not ready for her church sister to move in on her husband and Hilary Nicholson plays Janice whose mother never like her black husband and children.

Woman Tongue is written by Tanya Batson-Savage and directed by Eugene Williams and is sponsored by the Jamaica Yellow Pages. It runs from today to Sunday. On Friday, showtime will be 8 p.m. while there will be two shows at 5 and 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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