Kasanova releases new singles

July 18, 2016
file Kasanova

Dancehall artiste Kasanova has released two new songs, 'Kings and Queen' and 'Dollars'.

The artiste expressed that he has been getting strong responses overseas.

"Kings and Queens has been doing well in France and Germany and it has made charts in the UK. It is played in Ghana, Belize, Guyana, Panama and also in Jamaica," he said.

As it relates to Dollars, the deejay revealed that he has been getting dubplate requests. Both singles were produced by Jay Bad from Touch of Gold records.

"Whether you be a fan or hater, and if you just sitting on the fence and don't know which side to jump on, you should listen to my music because it is pleasant to the ears. My music is not distasteful and the content is listener-friendly. I am one of the few artistes right now with at least three songs in my catalogue of many songs that people can listen to and relate to. Not many dancehall artistes can do that, because they have been singing about one topic their entire career. I have songs for any and everybody," he said.

Keep up with Kasanova's music via Javis Crush Road or Kasanova on Facebook.

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