Ikon feels Delus' pain


July 20, 2016
Contributed Ikon Di Link

Dancehall artiste Ikon d Link has expressed his condolences to the family of fellow artiste Delus, who shocked the music industry when he committed suicide recently.

"I am just glad that ZJ Liquid had chosen to save my life because who knows where I would be today, because if I committed suicide, I would be in hell. I understand what Delus was going through because I was there. Mi know di pain and di strain, and is not just music. That's a part of it, but it is the struggles and stresses of life in general," Ikon D Link said.

Ikon D Link, known in some dancehall circles as the Tower Man, gained a measure of notoriety when he clambered up the radio tower located at ZIP FM in Half-Way Tree and threatened to jump if his single was not played on air. He said that he now regrets the incident and has apologised to the industry and disc jock ZJ Liquid for his actions.

He has emerged a more humble and mature individual in recent months, kicking off his 'Make a Wish' foundation, geared towards giving school bags and supplies to underprivileged kids.

He has released a single, Make a Wish, on iTunes to help bankroll this initiative. "I am getting a lot of love from disc jocks like Elise Kelly on IRIE, and SunCity. ZIP soon start play it as well. I have already generated close to $60,000 from sales of the single and used that money to buy over 40 school bags and supplies to give away to kids on a needs basis. This shows that you don't have to be wealthy to be able to give back and make a change," he said.

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