Gospel artistes should support each other - Papa San

July 22, 2016
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Papa San performing at Fun in the Son held at the National Heroes Circle, Kingston on Saturday

Veteran gospel artiste Papa San is calling for more support for Christian entertainers. San made the plea at Saturday's staging of the annual Gospel concert, Fun in the Son.

According to the entertainer, gospel artistes need to see more all-round support, not just from fans but from those in the music industry as well. "I think we are getting support, but what you find is that within the music industry itself there is too much competition", he explained. "We have to get to a place where we can unite and know that it's kingdom business. It's not about who is better than who or who is bigger than who."

DJ Nichalos agreed with San to some extent. Nichalos told THE WEEKEND STAR that while he believes more support is needed within the gospel fraternity, he doesn't think the industry is experiencing any disunity.

"I don't believe there is disunity. I just believe we could support each other more. It's not like we have anybody trying to harm or stop someone else. I just think we need to put more effort into supporting each other, help promote each other's shows and things like that," he said.

Kevin Downswell also commented on the issue, stating that the industry is experiencing some change as far as unity is concerned, as support among gospel artistes have been growing over the years. "I think we've come a far way in regard to supporting each other," he explained. "We're growing in our perspective of who each of us are; so if we use to see each other as competition, we have come to realise more and more, lately, that we're a team and so I'm seeing more standing together being manifested."

San also told THE WEEKEND STAR that if the gospel industry is going to become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, there needs to be more work done as far as hosting event goes. "We need more events like these. We don't have enough," he said. "More artistes need to get the opportunity to minister and make themselves known. A show like Fun in the Son comes around every two years and it's not enough compared to what the secular (world) is doing, we need a lot more."

Downswell agreed. "We are looking for the opportunities to come from abroad, but when I travel, I see people looking to us here," he said. "The brand Jamaica is big and it's when we travel that we realise how big it is. We see it in the secular, with Drake and others, and we in the gospel fraternity need to realise it, too. Brand Jamaica is big and we have to learn how to use that to our advantage, even in the gospel fraternity.

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