US rapper curses another in patois

July 25, 2016
File The Game

The Jamaican culture was once again thrust into the spotlight after yet another international rapper attempted to use the local dialect.

Last Wednesday, rapper The Game made a lengthy Instagram post directed at fellow rapper Wacka Flocka Flame. But instead of cursing in his own native tongue, the rapper directed his comments at Wacka Flocka using Patois.

"To whom it may concern: mi nah ramp wid di b...c... rap bwoy dem, 'specially wid a waste man dat wear dry-up counterfeit locks," The Game wrote. "But be'cuz mi juss a feel well & blessed today, mi a guh share some words of wisdom. Stop catch up wid di bad-mind people dem, take heed & recognise when Jah bless yuh wid a good 'ooman," the post continued with The Game warning Flocka to make "positive vibrations" reign.

The post, accompanied by a video of the rapper also attempting to speak the language, has been making the rounds on social media since yesterday. Several Jamaicans on social media have since been commenting on the rapper's post. Some believe he did better at writing the language than speaking it, while others blasted the rapper for using the language poorly. "Damn, that's a fake accent. S...t sounds stupid," one user commented on Instagram. "Why is he talking with that fake Patois, can someone tell me," another posted. "You sound retarded with that accent. That isn't Patwa. Caribbeans do not sound like that," yet another commented.

Waka Flocka Flame and The Game entered into a subliminal war of words via Instagram on Wednesday. The verbal exchange began when Waka criticised rappers who attempt to be revolutionary but fail to make any real impact. Although the Atlanta musician didn't name names, his comments appeared to take aim at The Game, who did not hesitate to retaliate.

After Waka Flocka caught wind of The Games' lengthy 'Patois post', he again took to Instagram to voice his disappointment with the rapper, stating that his previous posts were in no way directed at The Game. "That's really crazy, Game," Waka Flocka said in a video posed to his Instagram page. "You really fed into this Internet instigating. Like, if you felt I was even talking bout you, you should've called me, my nigga. I wasn't even talking bout you."

The Game is only the most recent international artiste to use the Jamaican dialect. Drake, Rihanna, BeyoncÈ and Nicki Minaj are among the host of artistes who have, over the years, used Patois as a means of expressing themselves. Many of the above-named artistes have even used the language in their songs.

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