Trini puppets to join Jamaica 54

July 27, 2016
Tan Tan & Saga Boy surrounded by revellers during the Trinidad Carnival
Tan Tan & Saga Boy, Queen & King of the masband TANTANA
Children of the Drums perform at the the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Emancipation Vigil in 2007.
File Children of the Drums perform at the the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Emancipation Vigil in 2007.

Culture minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, has announced the inclusion of ‘Saga Boy’ and ‘Tan Tan’, two iconic pieces from the Trinidad carnival,  in this year’s Grand Gala.

“The Saga Boy and Tan Tan giant puppets are the most popular works of by renowned Trinidadian artist, Peter Minshall. 

"Incorporating the work of this iconic Caribbean artist into our national celebrations is an indication of true Caribbean unity.  It is also an important collaboration as both countries seek new avenues of cooperation in culture and the creative industries," Grange said.

Minshall also conveyed his delight in being approached by Jamaica and expressed gratitude for having his work included in one of the country’s most significant and historic events.

Grand Gala will take place on Independence Day, August 6, at the National Stadium in Kingston.

Jamaica is celebrating 54 years of independence.

“From Sunday, July 31 to August 6, the island will be engulfed in a series of events and activities to celebrate our Emancipation and Independence. Every community, corner, street, lane, nook and cranny of the island and of course those in the Diaspora are expected to come alive and celebrate together as proud Jamaicans,” Minister Grange said.

Grange outlined that special homage will be paid to the ancestors, with the Emancipation Vigil at Seville on the eve of Emancipation Day, July 31 and that the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre will once again be transformed into the Independence Village, showcasing the best of Jamaica’s culture through artistic expressions, exhibitions and expositions.

The minister has encouraged citizens to get involved in the planning and execution of the various events to appropriately commemorate the significant achievements of the nation.

The National Emancipation and Independence celebratory activities will include:

The National Emancipation and Independence Thanksgiving Church Service at the Pentecostal Gospel Temple on Windward Road in Kingston – July 31

Emancipation Vigil at Seville in St Ann – July 31

Jamaica Gospel Song Competition Final – July 31
Augus’ Mawning Market – August 1
Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Coronation – August 1
Aunty Roachy Literary Festival – August 2
Fashion Greets Music Showcase – August 2
Mello-Go-Roun’ – August 3
World Reggae Dance Championship – August 4
Reggae to Rio – August 5
Grand Gala – August 6

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