Artiste injured in robbery attempt

July 29, 2016
Contributed Cue P

Dancehall/reggae artiste Cue P narrowly escaped death while travelling on the Melrose bypass in Manchester recently, after he was attacked by masked robbers.

The artiste, who jumped from his motorcycle in an attempt to escape with his life, later reported the matter to the Williamsfield police.

"Two masked men rode up beside me on a much bigger and faster bike than mine and one of them held on to my hand and demanded me to stop my bike. I continued to be defiant and refused to do what he wanted me to do. One of them pulled out a gun and aimed it at my face. I ducked instinctively while the shot went over my head," he told THE WEEKENDSTAR.

The artiste said he made the decision to crash the bike before handing it over to thieves.


"I decided before I let them kill me for my bike, I am gonna run my bike off the road and cause all of us to crash. They realised what I was doing and panicked and released my hand immediately. I crashed in an iron railing that protects vehicles from going over a precipice. The impact of the crash flung me from the bike back in the road, where I landed on my back and elbows as the back of my head slammed on the pavement on the road. Luckily, I had on my helmet that cracked down the middle due to the impact," he said.

The artiste, who is now recovering from his wounds, explained that he evaded his attackers by hiding after he ran from the scene.

"They did not see where I went, so they were not taking any chances because they didn't know if I was armed or not. They did not even stop to see if the bike could ride or not ... after failing to take my bike, they saw another rider from my community and took his bike and rode off," he said.

Detective Paisley from the Williamsfiled Police Station confirmed that a report was made. He said attacks on bike riders are rare in the area.

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