Dimon Treajah making strides


July 29, 2016
Dimon Treajah

Rizing Starz recording artiste Dimon Treajah is generating a huge buzz for his 'Sexual Healing' single, produced by DJ Frass.

"The song a gwaan good inna real life at all the dances inna Portmore and Kingston, it concrete inna the gal segment every night. Plus, I've noticed that on social media, ladies are creating their own seductive dance to this song and posting it all over," Dimon Treajah said.

The streets and radioland are also responding to songs like Work Hard, produced by Chase Mills Records, Gal Settings and Wifey, both locally and internationally.

The singer is currently working on his EP with tracks from Rizing Stars Records and other labels.

"I am also shooting two new music videos to be released soon," he said.

He is on the brink of success after a significant increase in his street promotion presence with his Firm Team making the rounds in the Kingston Metropolitan area.

"Yea, man, right now the work a put in with me and my team enuh; as mi say, we 'work hard like every day', suh we jus a keep it up and put out great material for the people," he said.

Fans can see Dimon Treajah performing live on August 21 at Digits Pool Party at the Edgewater basketball court, and also at 'Top Flossers Bottle Pon Bottle' at Casino Drive in Naggo Head.

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