Stellar Black & White party for St Thomas


July 29, 2016
Ode Shepherd

Organisers of this year's Black & White, an annual entertainment event that has captured the imagination of partygoers in St Thomas, have promised that the Epidemic edition will be nothing short of fantastic.

Ode Shepherd, the promoter of the event, said this year's show will be a mind-blowing experience for patrons. Black & White will be held on August 13 at the Rock Nightclub in Ramble, St Thomas.

"Everyone should look forward to nothing but the best at this year's seventh annual Black & White event. We are pulling out all the stops for patrons to have a memorable experience. Patrons will be entertained by one of the hottest DJs out there right now, DJ Ikel, Law Vybz and Super Blacks," Shepherd said.

In addition, there will be plenty giveaways, as patrons will be able to win cell phones, tablets as well as cash prizes.

Shepherd has also promised to provide free breakfast to patrons the following morning and is even serving up a relaxation party by the Yallahs River later that day. The river is five minutes from the venue.

"People are coming from different parts of St Thomas and from various parts of Jamaica, as well as overseas, and we are trying set high standards for ourselves as the top event every year. It is our duty that patrons have a great time," Shepherd said.


In addition to the use of a state-of-the-art sound system that has been installed at the club, Shepherd said that the venue boasts exquisite lighting, AC units and projectors, which will serve to enhance the partying experience.

"A number of events have been held at the venue and have been very successful, and the patrons keep coming back for more," Shepherd said.

First staged in 2010 when Shepherd had a grand opening for the Rock Nightclub, Black & White has become a staple on the economic menu in St Thomas. Celebrity DJs Kurt Riley, Denvo, Nicco, as well as Ikel Marvelous and Flabba Dabba, DJ Rella, and Ravers Movements have all entertained patrons at the event.

With this being the seventh edition, Shepherd's aim is not to simply deliver a stellar party, but also to put St Thomas on the map in a forceful way.

"St Thomas is considered a forgotten parish, and our little communities of Ramble and Llandewey ... never got attention or its credit for supplying the Corporate Area with a vast amount of water through the Yallahs pipeline. In doing the event and going big with it, I'm hoping we can put a positive light on stuff like that. We don't want to make this only about the event; we also want to put emphasis on the beauty of our community and the parish," Shepherd said, adding that part proceeds will go towards supporting the community. "I have always given back to the community with the help of others and sponsors. We have donated a computer to the basic school, we sponsor the community's football and netball teams, and we have done treats for the kids," he said.

"There is a back-to-school treat that is in the works for the following Monday after Black & White," said Shepherd, adding that the aim is get to the stage where a scholarship programme is put in place to assist children at the secondary school level.

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