Strong sexual content in new play


July 29, 2016
Contributed A scene from 3Some

Tongues are already wagging in theatrical circles about the provocative new play, '3 Some', which will kick off at the Phoenix Theatre in St Andrew on August 1.

At first blush, 3Some may appear to be your ultimate bedroom farce, but there are deeper subtexts hidden in this latest thought-provoking work by David Tulloch.

He calls his latest production, a "domestic drama with erotic themes. After we staged Risque in 2012, we realised that there was a certain market that wanted a follow-up. So now, we decided to satisfy the market with this new work which is equally provocative with a different story line, with nudity, strong sexual content and profanity," Tulloch said.

He believes that although his play is enmeshed in complex sexual and gender politics and sexual experimentation, the Jamaican society is ready for an intelligent, smart, self-perceptive play about a mEnage ++ trois gone wrong.

"Based on how graphic dancehall has become, it is clear that the society is being fed a diet of experimental sexual situations. So almost no one can come to this play and pretend they don't know what we are talking about, it is already out there," he said.

Tulloch plans to push boundaries which other plays have shied away from. "Other plays have suggested that they would go there, and then back out ... we are going to take the risk," he said.

3Some takes a peek into the world of a businessman, played by Akeem Poyser, who suggests to his girlfriend (Melissa Mitchell and Sabrena Thomas alternate in the role) that they take their relationship to the next level. She believes this to be marriage, but, instead, he proposes that another woman, played by Carline Brown, be brought into the relationship which leads to unforeseen complications.

3Some plays every day from August 1 to 7, after which it will run on weekends only for the rest of the month.

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