Tanso on the hunt for money


July 29, 2016
Contributed Tanso

Having contributed his writing talents to Mavado's 'Weh Dem a Say' single, Tanso believes the timing is right for him to make his presence felt as a recording artiste.

He is currently promoting the single, Hunt The Money, which was produced by Darshan Records.

"The song is about life dreams and being able to live happily and taking care of family and friends financially. It's really about every youth wanting to make money," Tanso explained.

He added: "Money is what makes people elevate from their struggles and to live a better life."

Tanso began music as a youngster performing at community events. He was later introduced to the music fraternity when he began writing songs for other entertainers.

"The first song I recorded professionally was called Exercise It," Tanso recalled.

Since his debut recording, he has done work with a number of producers, including Darshan Records, Ancient Records, Zack Ariyah Production, Black Spyda, and Adde Instrumental, among others.

Born Christopher Jackson, he is originally from the Mannings Hill Road area of Kingston. A past student of the St Andrew Technical High School, he described his musical journey as a rough experience, but despite

the rough tides, he continues to

soldier on.

"My musical experience has been bittersweet because nothing great comes easy. All rough experience we have, whether good or bad, is knowledge to the road. Each experience counts," said Tanso.

He is a member of the 4th Generation JOP. His current recordings include We Starter, featuring Jah Vinci and Black Rain.

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