Rockaz Element pushes reggae further


August 04, 2016
Contributed From left, Rockaz Elements band members Alex 'I-Talented' Taffe, Raymond 'Unbroken' Dawkins and Ainsworth 'I-Gifted' Taffe.

The industry has begun to sit up and pay attention to Rockaz Elements, a next generation reggae band that is ready to push the genre's soulful horizons to the next stratosphere.

Musically gifted, lyrically blessed, and possessing an abundance of talent and creativity, brothers Ainsworth 'I-Gifted' Taffe and Alex 'I-Talented' Taffe, along with their childhood friend Raymond 'Unbroken' Dawkins, have pooled these elements to conjure up a musical force in the world of reggae.

"Our philosophy revolves around righteousness and positivity, we want to show love to the people and give them some sense of upliftment," I-Talented, 23, said.

The group had their genesis in the church under the keen tutelage of Taffe's parents who are ministers.

"With the names I-Talented and I-Gifted, we felt that is a way to affirm our gifts which are granted by Jah, like by using the letter, I, we say to the universe, we know what we are supposed to do with our gifts," he said.

The Taffes, who hail from Walks Road in Spanish Town, come from a family of musicians. Both brothers play multiple instruments while Dawkins, who hails from Red Pond district, is a whiz at the guitar.

"We all write the songs together, we are always together 95 per cent of the time, crafting our sound," I-Talented said.

Working out of their own studio, they have remained true to their deep-rooted righteous beliefs. The band has already tasted success with the single, Meet and Greet, which has made FM radio sit up and pay attention. The single has hit the FIWI Choice top ten chart.

Other standout songs such as One More and No Reason, show that the band will be around for years to come with their feel-good brand of reggae.

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