Dream patron parties with broken leg

August 08, 2016
Patrick Planter Bridget travels on the back of a friend as she enters Twisted Spiritz
Patrick Planter Bridget travels on the back of a friend as she enters Twisted Spiritz

Dream Weekend patron Bridget fractured her leg while checking into a hotel in Negril, but despite the mishap, the North Carolina-based hairstylist still managed to attend a handful of events.

She did not wish to disclose the name of the hotel, but revealed she fell on a wet floor.

"I broke my leg in Negril while I was walking in the building. There was no sign and I was looking for my room and I slipped and fell. There was no caution sign, and one of the district managers later told me that the signs were moved to the front lobby for the luggage because a lot of people were coming in," she said.

In addition to suffering from the pain of the incident, Bridget said she had trouble getting assistance from staff.

"When I tried to get to the doctor, people didn't want to help me. Finally, the district manager helped me, and after that, I went to a hotel in Lucea. That hotel was a wonderful hotel with great people. The Lucea hotel people really helped me out. I got X-rays and they said my fibula is broken. The doctor gave me a prescription to take to the pharmacy to fill, so I have been doing that," she said.


This was her first time visiting Jamaica, and even though the experience left a sour taste, she plans to return.

"I brought 13 people with me to Jamaica and as long as they have a good time, I am okay. I am still enjoying myself, but this is not exactly what I wanted. I can't get in the water, and I can't dance like I want to. It's just a limitation on a lot of things, but I am making the best of it," she said.

Bridget, who attended Twisted Spiritz on the back of a friend, while another carried her crutches, was uncertain if she would be taking legal action against the hotel.

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