DMajor's management moves pay off

August 12, 2016

With a raft of new singles that have engaged listeners globally, recording artiste DMajor is said to be winning new fans and raising his profile locally and internationally.

Having signed Lydon 'Kingy' Lettman as his manager late last year in a move to propel his career to higher heights, nine months in, the move has been paying off.

"He has gone to Africa (Zimabwe) where he has done a set for himself with Jamdon Band. It was very good and it was well received," Lettman told THE WEEKEND STAR. "We have been getting emails about his performance from people requesting him to come back. We have also been getting emails from Kenya from people wanting him to come there to perform."

Locally, the singer has been getting a lot more love than in previous years. Since January, DMajor has released Deal Is Done, Nicest Squeeze, Meant for Me (with Timeka Marshall) and Firetruck, among others, that has seen his stock rise. He has been getting heavy rotation on the airwaves.

"Deal is Done on the Big Yard/Scikron Entertainment's Cold Hearts rhythm, is doing very well. Nicest Squeeze is doing very, very well, getting a lot of play, both here and overseas," Lettman said, adding that the singer's social media presence has been growing steadily over the past few months.

The singer has also been touring more. "He is on the road a lot, with shows in Los Angeles and the Caribbean. He also performed at Sumfest with Christopher Martin and did very well."

For the remainder of the year, Lettman said, the aim is to keep the singer in the spotlight by doing more songs, releasing more videos and getting him out to a bigger and wider audience.

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