Ja meets Nigeria in new play


August 12, 2016
Contributed A scene from Sweet Hell

Nigeria meets Jamaica theatrically in a Christian play called Sweet Hell.

The play, which kicks off on October 1, 2016, at the Cecil Charlton Hall in Mandeville, Manchester, was written, produced, and directed by Pastor Philip Ofodile from Nigeria. He is the CEO of Rhema Entertainment, a faith-based entity that produces family-oriented and culturally relevant entertainment for a wide audience.

Established two years ago, Rhema Entertainment has composed and produced two major stage plays. The first was Final Touch and the second Beyond The Veil. Both plays were great successes and captivated the hearts and minds of their audiences.

Sweet Hell is no different. It is a dramatic exposition of a Nigerian man who is lured to Jamaica by his social network acquaintance for a romantic adventure but gets tangled in a catastrophic love triangle.

Leaving you on the edge of your seat, Sweet Hell panoramically displays the power of prayer and the 'father heart' of God. The plot is tactfully crafted and artistically delivered in a Jamaican context.

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