Pregnant woman bashed for dancing on head top

August 13, 2016

A video with a pregnant woman who was filmed at a dancehall event performing splits and dancing on her head has gone viral on social media, leaving many viewers upset.

The video, which collectively had over 80,500 views online at news time, forced several persons to post comments expressing their disappointment in the mother to be, who was only wearing underwear and a tiny shirt.

The raunchy display from the woman also caught the attention of several websites and social media critic Rawpa Crawpa, who has been quite vocal about her performance.

"No man the struggle is definitely real. Look pon the size of her belly. Even if you go out to enjoy yourself you drink a one soda or a orange juice and enjoy yourself. But these women now slam their belly here and there, dem deh pon head top. From you pregnant, you are a mom and you have responsibility. That is why we have some kids doing f..... because them mother used to do things like this and beat the belly everywhere," he said.

He also warned males to be careful who they impregnate.

"Sometimes mi haffi wonder who breed dem. Mi haffi wonder if the gut have a father. Young ladies do better you are going to become a mother be better and do better," he said.

A Facebook user commented under the video, saying, "she worst that the other two I saw. Seems it's becoming a trend. Men, be careful who unuh a buss juice inna. Some gyal only deserve water."

Another user felt the selector should share the blame, as "selectors and DJs shouldn't even entertain this behaviour. If my woman go party and me see or hear say this is the type of slackness she gwaan wid, me leave her right away."

However, at least one person defended the woman's action. "Leave the girl alone. The baby gonna be just fine and healthy. She isn't the first. At least she not drinking alcohol or smoking, she is just being extremely physically fit and that's a very good thing for her and the child," the female user wrote.

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