Taxi drivers love 'Tank Up' - Noface


August 17, 2016
Noface Unknown

Dancehall artiste Noface Unknown is pleased with the success of his breakout single, Tank Up.

The song has become a street anthem in the bustling cities of Kingston and Montego Bay and their environs, but the song has caught fire with one particular demographic - taxi drivers.

"Taxi drivers love the Tank Up song, mi no know why, it just take off because it give dem a vibe fi touch the road, is a hustler's anthem. The song is being played in numerous parties, the song has been re-released and remastered because of how it tek off and you can hear the song everywhere, in buses, and taxis, and regular cars passing by," he said.

He believes the 'tank up' slang is pushing the songs popularity. "If yu touch in the streets yu haffi tank up, when yu get pay month end yu tank up, and if yu de pon yu haffi tank up, is an ambitious slang. Right now my career ah tek off, it's not the mask, it is the sound," he said.

Tank Up gave the artiste his first number one hit in June, after it soared to the pole position of the FIWI Choice Top 10 charts and held that spot for three straight weeks. The video is number eight on the Blacker Top 20 Video Countdown which airs on FLOW TV, and in the top 10 of Stampede Street charts

The song is getting play in overseas markets from Canada to the USA to the Caribbean. Noface Unknown's most recent video for the song, I Am the Chosen is number six on the FIWI Choice top 10 charts. Other singles to watch for include Tonight and Happy Like This.

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