JahDore impresses with 'Mi Cologne'


August 19, 2016
Contributed JahDore

Jamaica seems to be the hottest topic right now and if you are Jamaican, you can feel proud of a nation of multi-talented people.

A talent that has been looming and making his way through the industry is JahDore, who many industry insiders see as a great singer and a prolific songwriter.

He is at it again with his thought-provoking single, Mi Cologne. The song speaks of the relationship between the police and the everyday Rastaman. JahDore clearly illustrates why there is a division and tension in profiling an individual.

The track was produced by JDMP Records and has started to receive rotations on various radio stations. It is catching on in the dancehall/reggae arena and is doing well on alternative stations.

JahDore, who plays three instruments, has toured with Jimmy Cliff, Luciano, Beres Hammond and wrote hits with JDMP Records & UMI Records, is known for his penmanship and shows his versatility on this track by doing it in spoken-word manner.

He believes that the single points in a direction that shows that the spoken word, mixed with authentic reggae, does have that natural vibe to be in sync with the listeners and attract a whole different fan base.

"I am constantly reinventing my sound and pushing the boundaries," he said. "Keep your eyes and ears open to see what I will be up to next."

JahDore has solid singles like This Love Is Over, Security Work and Fake People. True to his Rastafarian roots, the hard-working entertainer has penned this eclectic song which also addresses the use of marijuana and its spirituality in the eyes of the Rastaman.

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