Nourish drops 'Cosmic Lover'


August 19, 2016
Contributed Nourish

Reggae singer Nourish has fallen in love.

The Portland-born entertainer has boldly declared his undying love for marijuana in his latest single titled Cosmic Lover.

"I'm a weed lover, but I don't just get up and I smoke it every day. I use the herb for meditation and medicinal purposes. Ganja is the healing of the nation; it is one of the most potent plants on the planet, and it can be utilised for so many medicinal and healing purposes," he said.

Recording a marijuana song is something that Nourish had wanted to do for a while now as his fans had been requesting it.

"My fans have been demanding a weed song from me for the longest time, and I wanted to do something unique. So I waited until the right meds came to me and Cosmic Lover is the result."

The smooth voice singer, known for reggae ballads such as Good Man and Woman I Love You, is confident that Cosmic Lover will be a success.

"This tune is going to be a hit. I'm getting positive feedback about it from many international DJs, and all my fans who have heard it so far have given it the thumbs up," said Nourish.

Cosmic Lover was produced by internationally renowned music producer Kemar 'Flava' McGregor on the Cosmic Lover rhythm. It hits iTunes on September 2, 2016.

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