Radics working on new album


August 24, 2016
Contributed Jack Radics

Platinum-selling Jamaican artiste Jack Radics is working on his eagerly anticipated new album.

Sources close to Radics in Atlanta, Georgia, where is he is working on the project, say it may well emerge as his finest project.

According to Michelle Knight Stanley, Radics' manager and president of his Sound Faculty music label, Radics has been working behind closed doors and under great secrecy from early this year.

"Jack went into what I'd call semi-seclusion a few months ago," said Stanley. "And, initially, we thought he was just taking it easy and enjoying downtime before his touring schedule picks up later this year. He was, in fact, going deep into writing and actually recording music on his iPad - song after song emerging from him in a wave of creativity that I've never experienced before with any artiste. What is now emerging is an album that will, I firmly believe, be one of his finest, and certainly the one with the greatest crossover appeal of anything he has done before."

Radics' career spans some three decades and includes over a dozen ground-breaking albums, including his debut Radical in 1991 and 1994's Open Rebuke , which Black Music Magazine nominated as Best Reggae Album of the Year.

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