Jermaine Edwards rocks DRS Gospel Night


August 26, 2016
Contributed The contestants joined international gospel artiste Jermaine Edwards on stage during his performance.??

The journey of becoming the next Digicel's Rising Star is winding down as the competition now has seven contestants vying for a spot in the next show.

Last week's show had the contestants doing gospel and an unforgettable performance from Jermaine Edwards.

Resident judges Anthony Miller and Conroy Walker were joined by guest judge Brandon Bakshi, executive director of BMI London, a global company that manages songwriters and publishes music.

The night started with the battle of the contestants with the two lowest votes, and for the third time in a row K-sis were in the bottom two, which left them with little motivation. This resulted in them losing to Gifted One, who was battling for the first time.

The top performer for the night was ANE, and they have been steadily improving throughout the competition. They sang Operator, which definitely had the audience rocking and got Miller in the 'spirit'.

With a heart-touching performance, of, Monifa gave what may be considered the second best performance of the night.

Kelly's rendition of There Would Be Mountains gave her good marks from the judges for good song selection. Elton Erlington, one of the two males left in the show, performed a medley of songs by Donnie McKlurkin, but Miller thought it was filled with a fake 'spirit'. Twins TNT touched Brandon's heart, with Celine Dion's The Prayer.

While Edwards was in the Chill Room, Gifted One was performing his Hallelujah To Our King. He impressed the judges and even scored a nod of approval from the songwriter. Chin failed to win over any souls with Mercy Said No.

The show ended with a bang as Edwards graced the stage, singing Beautiful Day. So good was his performance that Bashki was extremely impressed. In addition to the spirit-filled performance, Edwards also had some advice for the contestants.

"As an artiste, you have to know your purpose and know what you are about. When you figure that out, you will go far and have more confidence."

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