Razor B, Kalado look forward to St James treat


August 26, 2016

Dancehall artistes Kalado and Razor B are currently looking forward to their upcoming performances at Soaking Wet, the Ultimate Pool & Wata Party in Somerton, St James, tomorrow as proceeds from the event will go towards offsetting back-to-school expenses for a number of kids.

The show will take place at Build Back Club and Lawn in Somerton and will also feature Alozade, Chico and Kapella Don, Tahz, Mixing Lab, Alliance Girls, and Ramona Samuels of Voice Box acting as hosts.

Although the show is expected to bring much excitement in the night, Kalado is really looking forward to the kids treat that will take place on the morning of the event.

"It is a very good gesture to be part of this back-to-school treat. It is our duty to give to the youth of tomorrow whatever we can - put self-thought aside for once," he said.

While he is happy that the kids will be treated to several fun games and activities in the day, Razor B said he is anxious to please the patrons who will attend the event in the night.

"It's going to be my first time performing in Somerton, the community of reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. I've performed in other parts of Montego Bay, but I've never performed in Somerton. I'm ready for my fans in Somerton. I know a lot of them have been hearing music, but they've never seen me before. I'm going to give them something special," he said.

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